Weekly Picks (10/18-10/22)

They say that Saturdays are when you make your money, and Sundays are when you give it right back. Yuuuuuup…


Northwestern (-3.5) @ Minnesota: 1 unit
Stanford (+7.5) @ Notre Dame: 1 unit
Oregon State (+6) @ BYU: 1 unit
Utah State (+3.5) @ San Jose State: 2 units
South Carolina (+3) @ LSU: 1 unit


West Virginia (-4) @ Texas Tech: 2 units
Tennessee (+3) @ Mississippi State: 1 unit
Steelers (-6) @ Titans: 2 units
Colts (+3) @ Jets: 1 unit
Patriots (-4) @ Seahawks: 3 units
Texans (-3) vs Packers: 2 units

Net: -5 units

YTD: + 0 units

The NFL buried me this weekend, and like that I have squandered the money I had already made. The Patriots looked to be in cruise control to and would have really salvaged things for me, but they completely blew it in a manner that I haven’t seen them do in a long time. It was pathetic.

This NFL season has been ridiculously unpredictable, so perhaps I start taking heed to that.

Oh well…

This will be brief.

Note: 1 unit for each.

Syracuse (-4.5) vs. Connecticut: 1 unit

Syracuse has played well at home this season. They are the vastly superior offense.  UConn has played a very fluff schedule, which makes their defense look better than it is. Syracuse will be the best offense they’ve played so far, and that’s an indictment towards UConn’s schedule.

Rutgers (-5) @ Temple: 1 unit

The road hasn’t slowed Rutgers down much this year. They’ve won every game by 8 or more points, including better teams than Temple.

LSU (-3.5) @ Texas A&M

Johnny Manziel is a joy to watch, but A&M has been shaky lately. LSU has next weekend off, so even with Bama on the horizons, it’s hard to see this being a trap game. They’ll be solely focused on this game, and figure out a way to stop Manziel.

South Carolina (+3.5) @ Florida: 1 unit

I hope I’m wrong, but I do think Florida is a bit more flawed than their now #2 BCS ranking suggests. I’m not buying into the severity of Lattimore’s injury either.

(Note, by book has this on old…assuming due to Lattimore)

Kansas State (+3) @ WVU

You have to imagine WVU is fired up for this one, but I just think Kansas State is the better team.

(Same as above…)

Kentucky (+28) vs. Georgia 

Trap game? Why not? Kentucky is bad, but 28 points is a lot, and at home Kentucky can keep it under that.


And for the NFL…and since I’ll probably lose all these, I’ll refrain from dropping any logic here…

Seattle (+9) @ San Francisco

New Orleans (-3) @ Tampa

New York Jets (+11) @ New England

Buffalo (-3) vs. Tennessee

Chicago (-6) vs. Detroit



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