Weekly Football Picks


Syracuse (-4.5) vs. Connecticut: 1 unit
Rutgers (-5) @ Temple: 1 unit
LSU (-3.5) @ Texas A&M: 1 unit
Kansas State (+3) @ WVU: 1 unit
Kentucky (+28) vs. Georgia: 1 unit
Seattle (+9) @ San Francisco: 1 unit
New Orleans (-3) @ Tampa: 1 unit
New York Jets (+11) @ New England: 1 unit


South Carolina (+3.5) @ Florida: 1 unit
Buffalo (-3) vs. Tennessee: 1 unit


Chicago (-6) vs. Detroit: 1 unit

Week: 8-2-1

YTD: 19-11-1 (+6 units)

This Week’s picks:


Penn State (+1) vs Ohio State: 1 unit

Biggest game of the year for PSU and it’s at home. I think the crowd will be riled up and the players ready to go. Ohio State’s lack of depth is becoming more and more of an issue, Braxton Miller might not be 100% and I think the Penn State offense will be able to consistently find holes in Ohio State’s defense.

Notre Dame (+11) @ Oklahoma: 1 unit

I think Oklahoma wins this, but 11 points just seems like a bit too much. Oklahoma hasn’t played a team this talented defensively, and Notre Dame certainly hasn’t seen an offense with half the talent OU has. Notre Dame will force enough mistakes to keep it close, but ultimately Landry Jones and the home field advantage will prove to be too much.

Texas Tech (+7.5) @ Kansas State: 1 unit

Perhaps this game has the makings of an upset. KSU is coming off a huge win, and maybe might inadvertently take the foot off the pedal. Texas Tech is a solid two-way team, and has done great against high ranked teams under Tuberville. They can keep it close. 

Baylor (+2.5) @ Iowa State: 1 unit

Baylor’s wide receivers are as good as it gets, and they desperately need this win. I’ll take the points here.

Indiana (+2) @ Illinois: 1 unit

Someone has to win, right? Indiana’s spread offense should have success moving the ball against the Illini. Indiana have been in every game they played except the Northwestern game. Meanwhile, Illinois has been getting blown out both at home and on the road.

Maryland (+2) @ Boston College: 2 units

Maryland is just the flat out better team. Their defense will keep them in the game regardless, even if they’re on the road, and a few big plays from Stefon Diggs and the rest of the Maryland WR corps should help seal the victory. 

Duke (+27) @ Florida State: 1 unit

Duke aren’t nearly as good as their 6-2 record suggest, and Florida State’s speed should wreak havoc on both sides, but somehow, someway, the Blue Devils keep this within 4 touchdowns, especially considering the disparity in terms of team discipline. 

Pittsburgh (+6.5) vs. Temple: 1 unit

It’s hard to rationalize any Pittsburgh-related result. So I won’t even try. I do think talent will win at.

Washington State (+24.5) @ Stanford: 2 units

Stanford doesn’t have the most high-powered offense, and Washington State really hasn’t really been blown out this badly all year. Stanford will dominate both sides of the ball, but I don’t think it will be a high enough scoring game to warrant a 25 point win.

Oregon State (-3) @ Washington: 2 units

Sean Mannion is back, and the Beavers aren’t scared by road games. 

Georgia (+7) vs Florida: 1 unit

Maybe I’m selling my Gators short again, but I remain cautiously optimistic about this team. It’s smooth sailing to Tallahassee after this if the Gators win, and a win here also clinches the SEC East. Florida wins, but I’m still gonna take the points. 


Jets (-1) vs Dolphins: 1 unit

This is basically a tossup. The Jets are strong ATS at home. That’s all I got. Not strong in my convictions….I guess that must mean it’s my gut that’s speaking.

Giants (-1) @ Cowboys: 2 units

The Giants are better on both sides of the ball. The Cowboys just lost their defensive leader for the season. Vegas tends to overvalue Dallas’ home field advantage, and it seems they’re at it again.

17 units wagered. A bust week — a lot of games I like. I might add a few more NFL plays later.


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