Cruel Summer Review

Many of the songs off of the GOOD Music album “Cruel Summer” had already leaked. It was hit or miss with those songs, most of which were club bangers. The anticipation and hype for this album was rightfully huge, but as time went on, I lost more and more excitement. The leak of “Clique” really dimmed the lights on it for me, as all it seemed to me was another average song of the same light as the rest of the leaked ones. Luckily many of the unheard songs were of a different tone, and there were many artists that had been withheld.

I’m not good at reviewing songs. I have a hard time articulating how I feel and finding the right adjectives to describe things. But I’ll try.

Also, this is only after a few listens to each song. Most everything eventually grows on me, so these initial impressions may ultimately be false ones. Enjoy.

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