Weekly Picks (10/18-10/22)

They say that Saturdays are when you make your money, and Sundays are when you give it right back. Yuuuuuup…


Northwestern (-3.5) @ Minnesota: 1 unit
Stanford (+7.5) @ Notre Dame: 1 unit
Oregon State (+6) @ BYU: 1 unit
Utah State (+3.5) @ San Jose State: 2 units
South Carolina (+3) @ LSU: 1 unit


West Virginia (-4) @ Texas Tech: 2 units
Tennessee (+3) @ Mississippi State: 1 unit
Steelers (-6) @ Titans: 2 units
Colts (+3) @ Jets: 1 unit
Patriots (-4) @ Seahawks: 3 units
Texans (-3) vs Packers: 2 units

Net: -5 units

YTD: + 0 units

The NFL buried me this weekend, and like that I have squandered the money I had already made. The Patriots looked to be in cruise control to and would have really salvaged things for me, but they completely blew it in a manner that I haven’t seen them do in a long time. It was pathetic.

This NFL season has been ridiculously unpredictable, so perhaps I start taking heed to that.

Oh well…

This will be brief.

Note: 1 unit for each.

Syracuse (-4.5) vs. Connecticut: 1 unit

Syracuse has played well at home this season. They are the vastly superior offense.  UConn has played a very fluff schedule, which makes their defense look better than it is. Syracuse will be the best offense they’ve played so far, and that’s an indictment towards UConn’s schedule.

Rutgers (-5) @ Temple: 1 unit

The road hasn’t slowed Rutgers down much this year. They’ve won every game by 8 or more points, including better teams than Temple.

LSU (-3.5) @ Texas A&M

Johnny Manziel is a joy to watch, but A&M has been shaky lately. LSU has next weekend off, so even with Bama on the horizons, it’s hard to see this being a trap game. They’ll be solely focused on this game, and figure out a way to stop Manziel.

South Carolina (+3.5) @ Florida: 1 unit

I hope I’m wrong, but I do think Florida is a bit more flawed than their now #2 BCS ranking suggests. I’m not buying into the severity of Lattimore’s injury either.

(Note, by book has this on old…assuming due to Lattimore)

Kansas State (+3) @ WVU

You have to imagine WVU is fired up for this one, but I just think Kansas State is the better team.

(Same as above…)

Kentucky (+28) vs. Georgia 

Trap game? Why not? Kentucky is bad, but 28 points is a lot, and at home Kentucky can keep it under that.


And for the NFL…and since I’ll probably lose all these, I’ll refrain from dropping any logic here…

Seattle (+9) @ San Francisco

New Orleans (-3) @ Tampa

New York Jets (+11) @ New England

Buffalo (-3) vs. Tennessee

Chicago (-6) vs. Detroit



Playing with NBA Futures Bets and Props

I rarely play future bets, because I’m too impatient. But I’m going to take a stab at some this year, and consider it an investment.

Who will be the 2012-2013 NBA MVP:

Chris Paul, with 8 people higher than him, becomes my “sleeper” pick

Lebron James +175
Kevin Durant +385
Kobe Bryant +800
Kevin Love +1200
Dwight Howard +1200
Deron Williams +1200
Steve Nash +1200
Russell Westbrook +1200
Dwyane Wade +1500
Carmelo Anthony +1500
Chris Paul +1500
Tony Parker +1500
Blake Griffin +1800
Rajon Rondo +2000
Dirk Nowitzki +2000
Kyrie Irving +3000
Danny Granger +4000
Chris Bosh +4500
David Lee +6000
Field +1000

I’m instantly ruling out the Laker trio. I can’t see how any of those three so clearly become the best player on that team let alone the MVP of the league. I’m immediately ruling out David Lee because his inclusion on this list is just hilarious. I can’t imagine a scenario where Bosh, Granger, Griffin or Parker win it either. Westbrook will forever be in KD’s shadow, and considering the fact that OKC’s team success is now expected, the season he’d have to have, assuming KD is healthy, to win the MVP award is unfathomable. Kyrie is somewhat intriguing, but at best he becomes considered a fringe top-10 player, and it’s a certainty that nothing special will be happening in Cleveland this year. I think people forget just how great Wade was last regular season, and even so, he only finished 11th in the MVP voting. The world has warmed up to LeBron as well, and it’s clearly “his team”.

The Candidates

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