Playing with NBA Futures Bets and Props

I rarely play future bets, because I’m too impatient. But I’m going to take a stab at some this year, and consider it an investment.

Who will be the 2012-2013 NBA MVP:

Chris Paul, with 8 people higher than him, becomes my “sleeper” pick

Lebron James +175
Kevin Durant +385
Kobe Bryant +800
Kevin Love +1200
Dwight Howard +1200
Deron Williams +1200
Steve Nash +1200
Russell Westbrook +1200
Dwyane Wade +1500
Carmelo Anthony +1500
Chris Paul +1500
Tony Parker +1500
Blake Griffin +1800
Rajon Rondo +2000
Dirk Nowitzki +2000
Kyrie Irving +3000
Danny Granger +4000
Chris Bosh +4500
David Lee +6000
Field +1000

I’m instantly ruling out the Laker trio. I can’t see how any of those three so clearly become the best player on that team let alone the MVP of the league. I’m immediately ruling out David Lee because his inclusion on this list is just hilarious. I can’t imagine a scenario where Bosh, Granger, Griffin or Parker win it either. Westbrook will forever be in KD’s shadow, and considering the fact that OKC’s team success is now expected, the season he’d have to have, assuming KD is healthy, to win the MVP award is unfathomable. Kyrie is somewhat intriguing, but at best he becomes considered a fringe top-10 player, and it’s a certainty that nothing special will be happening in Cleveland this year. I think people forget just how great Wade was last regular season, and even so, he only finished 11th in the MVP voting. The world has warmed up to LeBron as well, and it’s clearly “his team”.

The Candidates

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Breaking Bad, Meet the NBA

AMC’s Breaking Bad, in my not-so-humble opinion, is the premiere television series currently airing. There is no show that makes the seven days between episodes more agonizingly long than Breaking Bad. I first started watching it as Season 3 was presently airing, and it took me just 3 days to fly through all the episodes I had missed. I skipped class and called off work multiple times during that three day stretch just to get my fix. I was hooked.

A quick look at IMDb’s Highest Rated TV Series with at least 5,000 votes and I can be assured that I’m not alone in my convictions. According to the voters, Breaking Bad ranks number 6 all time behind some very solid shows like Planet Earth, The Wire, Game of Thrones and Arrested Development. I have no qualms with any of those being ranked so high; it’s essentially splitting hairs among them (however, while I feel GoT is a great show, I don’t think it’s an all-time great).

I won’t argue that Breaking Bad is the best show ever, but I think an argument can be made.

The characters are what make Breaking Bad so captivating. It’s the evolution they go through as the series and consequences progress. It’s the constant battles with morality. It’s how we end up sympathizing with seemingly evil and absolutely morally corrupted characters. It’s so, so, so much more. There are layers upon layers of reasons why the show is so fascinating to me, and while it teeters between the realms of plausible and highly implausible, the depth and realism of the characters force you to shrug that all off.

Comparing a former chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine kingpin to an NBA superstar might be a stretch, but the complex undertones of these characters personalities make it possible. Obviously this will be an inherently flawed undertaking, especially because we certainly don’t know as much about today’s NBA players as we think we do, but there’s enough sample size to draw upon some relatively safe conclusions here.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to losing hours and hours of sleep thinking to myself “who is the NBA’s version of Badger” or “if Derrick Rose were a character in Breaking Bad, who would he be?”. These questions are of the utmost importance. I’ve searched the internet for answers to no avail so I have decided to take the daunting task on myself.


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